Working Families Meeting

An open letter to all businesses in the Lyn Lake business district: Members and non-members

Dear Fellow Business Owners,

This is a very important message that every business owner with more than one employee must read and consider immediately. The city of Minneapolis is preparing to vote on a Working Families Agenda following a last day of comments on October 16th.

Some of the highlights involve all businesses having to give employees up to one week of paid sick leave per year, accrued by hours worked. It mandates that all employees work schedules be posted and adhered to 28 days in advance. It also mandates overtime pay, and compensation if shifts are cancelled by the employer. In short, the City of Minneapolis is proposing to take dictate to all business not represented by union contracts on certain minimum benefits that MUST be given to employees, with penalties for non-compliance.

You must take the time to read through the proposals. One of the council members representing our area and supporter of these proposals, Lisa Bender, will be meeting with us on Tuesday Sept. 29th, at Marche restaurant inside the Lime Apartment complex on 29th and Lyndale from 12:30-2pm.

Please do your homework, and try and bring reasonable comments and questions to the meeting. For many, it sounds like this is going to be a slam dunk for City Council to pass, with the support of many on the council as well as the mayor.


John Meegan, board chair Lyn Lake Business Association