The mission of the LynLake Business Association is to serve as a forum for the businesses and residents of this area and to play an active role in its revitalization.

It’s time for our 2019 annual membership and dues drive. We are currently now completely volunteer driven. Your dues are important for us to maintain and improve our website and our communications with all the businesses within the district.

This year as soon as the weather permits, the Lyn Lake Special Service committee has planned and scheduled to have the gardens that border all the green fences along Lake Street and Lyndale replanted with new grasses and perennials.  This will be the finishing touch on last season's replacement of all the trash receptacles on the street and the artistic wraps on all the utility boxes. Over 12 new trees will been installed and in some instances replaced along Lake Street to allow for more uniform lighting during the next holiday season.

The LLBA hired an accessibility expert, Julee Quarvee-Peterson to survey every parking lot in the Lyn Lake district in order to inform business and property owners of their compliance with current ADA requirements. The results of this survey are now complete and we are attempting to get the information in the hands of businesses and property owners early this spring. Providing handicap access up to the current ADA standards is the law and ignorance is not a defense. Hopefully this effort will help save businesses and property owners from expensive lawsuits from individuals who have made it their business to punish properties that are in violation of even the most minor of infractions regarding signage and striping.

This year businesses will be kept busy coping with parking issues, as the city of Minneapolis CPED director David Frank has informed the Parking and Traffic Committee that with the final payment of the bonds for the Garfield Municipal Lot have been completed, the city is preparing to issue an RFP to sell the lot for development in line with the new comprehensive 2040 Plan.

Traffic patterns will be changing with the results of many bridges over 94 into downtown being torn down and rebuilt  and with the upcoming long term closures for 35 W and Lake Street Reconstruction from Blaisdell to 5th Ave as a new transit station is built over 35 W.

Marketing and Special Events, headed by Josh Wilkins (Legacy Glass) and Jill Bernard (Huge Improv Theater) continues to keep Lyn Lake on the map with the Mural Projects, recently completed behind Lyn Lake Brewery, Legacy Glass and Herkimers. Also returning this year is the popular Lyndale Open Streets.

The Parking and Development/Long Range committee, headed by Morgan Luzier is currently the most active in the district. The committee is now waiting for the completion of the $50,000 parking survey and in hoping to influence the RFP for the fate of the Garfield Parking lot and surrounding neighborhood. Those that are interested and/or concerned about these type of long range plans are encouraged to stay connected with that committee. E-mail us to be added to the communication link.

We need fresh blood on the board of the LLBA. Most current board members have been active for 7-10 years. New volunteers who have the ability to participate in at least one monthly board meeting are vital to the future of LLBA. Board members should be willing to participate in one of the three committees: Membership and Communications, Marketing and Special Events,  and Development and Long Range Planning.

The 3 best reasons to join the LLBA are:
1. To expand your network and get to know other businesses, and help shape and develop a vision for improvement.
2. To find ways to increase business by looking for strategic alliances with compatible business.
3. To learn and understand that the contribution of volunteer commitment in looking at area wide strategies ultimately benefits all businesses.

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