Garfield Parking Lot:

Accessible by Lyndale Avenue in between The Jungle Theater and The Lyndale Taphouse on the East side of the street.

Accessible by Lake Street between Garfield Ave (one way heading South) and Fuji Ya.

Accessible by Garfield Ave heading Southbound at 28th or before.

New machines have been installed that are compatible with the Minneapolis Parking app located behind The Lyndale Taphouse and Jungle Theater. These new machines rely on license plate number instead of a stall number. Machines accept credit cards and cash.


Aldrich Parking Lot:

Accessible by Lake Street or Aldrich Avenue; located under the Uptown Apartments right on the NW corner of Aldridge and Lake Street. It's a hidden treasure that not many people realize is there, conveniently located for Bryant-Lake Bowl, moto-i, LynLake Brewery, Up/Down, Country Bar and other great Lyn Lake businesses.

Underground, heated hourly pay parking. This lot is not owned or operated by the Lyn Lake Business Association and if you have any feedback about your parking experience please direct your correspondence to